Don't Overthink It (EP)

When the three of us gathered to record in the summer of ‘22, we just did some stuff.  

Don’t Overthink It is the result of those sessions. It’s not so much a cohesive album as a collection of recordings from those sessions. I did my best to make the sequence flow. We celebrated sharing the same physical space as musicians, as much as anything else. 

The previous album, Up, was recorded during the Covid era, where all the musicians added their own parts to the recording. One at a time, in isolation. It was meticulous, slow, and lonely, but for the occasional online chat.

This EP is none of that. It was fun, quick, and collaborative. In that spirit, it has a looser, more live vibe. We didn’t overthink it.

Don't Overthink It (EP)
  1. Don't Overthink It
  2. Never Let It Happen (see video)
  3. You're Great (see video)
  4. Nazis Are Bad (see video)
  5. One Hit Wonder (see live video)
  6. Summer Sundown

Billy Dechand - voice, guitar, bass, keyboards
Matt Kaden - drums, percussion, piano, voice
Mark Youngbauer - guitar, bass, voice

Advance supporters got a nice printed CD featuring the art of Mark Dethrow. The rest of you poor slobs will have to settle for streaming music: