Oct 8, 2021


Just one week before our UP CD Release Party, we get to see Al Hifi's "F-kt Up" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO].


F-kt Up 
Words and music by Dechand/Heifetz/Sonenberg/Youngbauer
© 2021 Bucktooth Music (ASCAP) 

Billy Dechand - voice, bass, guitar 
Al Hifi - voice, bass, guitars, robots 
Dan Sonenberg - voice, drums, guitars 
Mark Youngbauer - guitars 

Nicole Colombatto - voice 
Leslie Sanazaro - voice 
David Taylor - voice

Video directed by Al Hifi

Oct 4, 2021

Billy's Books 53: Watching Baseball

Just in time for the playoffs, Billy D reviews a baseball book, Watching Baseball by Jerry Remy and Corey Sandler. Jerry Remy was once a valuable infielder for the Red Sox and Angels, now a beloved announcer for Boston.

Thanks to the Saint Louis Public Library. Support your public library!

Sep 20, 2021

Two Videos: "Winner" and "Sorry Buddy"

Last week I visited my friend, Joe. He has a lovely back yard, with scenery perfect for simple songs. Today I made two music videos for songs from the album, Up. The first one, "Winner" stars the sweet and beautiful Lola: 

Then there's "Sorry Buddy", which is actually a coda (epilogue) to the previous song on the album, "The Egret":

These videos both have Closed Captions, BTW.

Sep 14, 2021

Billy's Books 52: Star Wars: Queen's Shadow

Billy D reviews another Star Wars book, Queen's Shadow. This is one of a few stories of Padmé Amidala and her handmaidens. This one takes place just a little before Episode II.

Thanks to the Saint Louis Public Library. Support your public library!

Aug 23, 2021

F Y'all - Cat Tails Video

Friends and lovers of music,

UP is out. You can find it on most major music streaming sites. Please listen a lot and share with your friends.

As always, the CD sounds better than any streaming service. Those who helped with the Kickstarter campaign have theirs coming to them. My plan was to hand them out to all who re-ordered at my CD Release Concert. Thanks to the delta variant, I'm not sure exactly when that show will be, so I'll send everyone their CDs in the mail. When that show finally happens, those early supporters would get in free, should there be a cover at the door.

Here are some useful links to the new album:

Here's a song. Warning: It's one of the two songs on the album with a lot of F-word:


Aug 8, 2021

Billy's Books 51: Project Hail Mary

Billy D swats mosquitos as he enthusiastically reviews Andy Weir's sci-fi book, Project Hail Mary. Andy Weir is best known for his book that was made into a major motion picture, The Martian.

As usual, thanks to the Saint Louis Public Library for lending me the book. Support your public library!