Apr 19, 2022

Billy's Books 63: Leia, Princess of Alderaan

Yes, it's another Star Wars book review. But today we have a Kate as a guest, cuz she read it too! This one is Leia, Princess of Alderaan by Claudia Grey.

Apr 6, 2022

Vague But True (Video)

Here's another video for a track off the Up album. "Vague But True" is a little soundscape meant to evoke what sleeping sounds like.

Up is available on many online services, including:

Mar 30, 2022

Billy's Books 62: The Song of Achilles

I loved Madeline Miller's Circe novel so much, I went back to her earlier book, The Song of Achilles. As you may guess, it's based on Homer's Iliad, focusing on specific events before and during the seige of Troy.
I hope you enjoy my off-hand butchering of classical Greek facts and pronunciations.

Thanks to the Saint Louis Public Library. Support your public library!

Mar 9, 2022


Gallery PreviewWhen I first heard about those Ukranians on Spider Island, I was impressed by their resolve. But I also felt powerless in the face of war, so I made a frickin' t-shirt for therapy.

Then I went back and found some old designs. Check them out.

There are more than just t-shirts. All sorts of silly products have those images: hats, stickers, pins, masks, mugs, etc.

Play this music while you contemplate your options.

I recommend a light colored t-shirt for these designs. Yellow silkscreen on black doesn't really pop.

Feb 21, 2022

Billy's Books 61: The World of Ice & Fire

Getting back to Game of Thrones, here is George R. R. Martin's (and his minions') The World of Ice and Fire. It's kind of a coffee-table-sih book, with fake leather binding and pretty pictures. It covers a lot of ground, almost Bible-format in breadth -- and pathos.

Feb 4, 2022

The Egret (Official Lyric Video)

My goal is to have a lyric video for each track off the Up album. "The Egret" is a garbled song about evolution and the environment, written and performed by:

Billy Dechand - voice, bass, guitar, keys, robots
Al Hifi - voice, guitar
Dan Sonenberg - voice, drums, keys, guitar

Up is available on many online services, including: