Jun 7, 2024

Billy's Books 85: The McCartney Legacy Vol. 1

The McCartney Legacy Vol. 1 just covers the years 1969-1973. This was a rough time for our hero, Paul. The thing he feared most, a Beatles break-up, happened almost because of his attempt to prevent it. Suddenly a solo artist, he has a crisis of confidence. It takes him quite a while to build it back.

This excerpt sums up a lot:

"The day after I finished with the Eagles, I went straight in with Paul McCartney and Wings," said [producer Glyn] Johns. "[I remember] him walking in to the control room on the first day and saying, 'I want you to treat me like the bass player in the band, not Paul McCartney of the Beatles.'" (Johns soon observed that McCartney's democratic impluse was wafer thin; when he started treating him like a lowly bass player, Paul quickly exerted his authority.)

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May 1, 2024

Billy's Books 84: The Living Force

Back to Star Wars. The Living Force falls a little before The Phantom Menace. It features several of our favorite Jedi, starting with Qui-Gon Jin and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Yoda and Mace Windu, too, but most of the time we're following lesser known Jedi in their adventures.

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Mar 24, 2024

Billy's Book 83: The New Roman Empire

Here's a new history book -- about old stuff. The New Roman Empire is about what is commonly known today as the Byzantine Empire. Do you know what it was called in its day? Romania, just like the first part of the Roman Empire. I learned about this book because the author, Anthony Kaldellis, is a frequent guest on a podcast I've been following for a while, The History of Byzantium, which picks up where another podcast, The History of Rome, ends. I enjoy them both immensely.

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Mar 6, 2024

Doctor Special's First Single

Introducing Doctor Special, my Saint Louis-based rock band; this is our first single: "Hypocrite".

It's a true "single", meaning it has a B-side: "Not To Be You". These are a couple inward-looking songs written by Yours Truly. So much judging of others these days, with little self-evaluation...

Recorded and mixed by Billy Dechand; mastered by Zach Chapple.

This is Doctor Special (L-R):

  • Micah Johnson - bass
  • Ernesto Doural, Jr. - drums
  • Billy Dechand - voice, guitar
  • Mark Youngbauer - guitar

You can find this at your favorite music service:

Feb 13, 2024

Don't Overthink It (Lyric Video)

Not that anyone needed it, but I created a lyric video for the title track to my 2022 EP, Don't Overthink It. I used images generated by DAL-E and Google's AI, whose name just changed. They don't get credit in the video because they don't give credit to their sources.

Dec 31, 2023

Billy's Books 82: The Wreck of the Whaleship Essex

Here's another history book -- history influencing literature. This is a 19th Century journal by Owen Chase, the first mate of the Whaleship Essex. It's the true story of a whale directly attacking a whaleship, destroying it, and the sailors' survival story. This is the book that inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick.

I'm joined by my beloved Lola, with guest doggy Birdie joining us for the holidays. 

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