It's here! The latest Billy D CD, UP! This one is unique in that it was recorded during Covid lockdown. Friends from near and far contributed, creating interesting textures and styles that we'd never have heard if recorded in the usual manner. It was mixed by Jacob Detering of Red Pill Entertainment.

It's available on many online services, including:

Here are some notes on the songs in the playlist. All songs by Billy D unless noted otherwise:

    A song about making mistakes
    See OFFICIAL VIDEO or acoustic video
    Nicole Colombatto - voice; Al Hifi - voice, bass, guitars, robots; Leslie Sanazaro - voice; Dan Sonenberg - voice, drums, guitars; David Taylor - voice; Mark Youngbauer - guitars; Billy D - voice, bass, guitar

  2. Coming To Terms (With Your Big Forehead)
    See SKY LYRICS video
    A rocker about middle age.
    Scott Rockwood - guitar; Dan Sonenberg - voice, drums; Billy D - voice, bass, robots

  3. Wack
    A midtempo song about losing your marbles.
    See SKY LYRICS video OR live video
    Dan Sonenberg - drums, piano; Billy D - voice, guitar, bass, robots

  4. Buttered Up
    Oh, dangerous flattery; wackiness ensues.
    See Lip Sync video
    Dan Sonenberg - drums; Matt Schickele - voice; Billy D - voice, bass, guitar, keys

    Meditational & confrontational.

    See Cat Tails video
    Al Hifi - voice; Billy D - voice, guitar, robots

  6. Who Would Jesus Shoot
    An angry rocker. What does He move you to do?
    See acoustic video or the lyric video.
    Al Hifi - voice, robots, guitar; Dan Sonenberg - drums; Mark Youngbauer - guitar; Billy D - voice, bass

  7. The Egret
    A garbled treatise on evolution and the environment.
    See the Lyric Video
    Al Hifi - voice, guitar; Dan Sonenberg - voice, drums, keys, guitar; Billy D - voice, bass, guitar, keys, robots

  8. Sorry Buddy
    Egret coda. 
    See Bug video
    Billy D - voice, robots

  9. Winner
    An acoustic song, sincere amidst all the irony and mayhem.
    See Dog Video or acoustic video
    Billy D - voice, guitar

  10. Fly Over
    An indie rock anthem for the MidWest.
    See MUSIC video
    Al Hifi - drums; David Taylor - voice; Billy D - voice, guitar, bass

  11. Do What You Do (Don’t What You Won’t)
    Ska song for the independent thinker. Aren't they all, really?
    See Lyric Video
    Matt Kaden - drums; Matt Schickele - organ; Mark Youngbauer - guitar; Billy D - voice, bass, guitar

  12. Tired, Not Sleepy
    Lush insomnia. 
    See Dog Lyric Video or acoustic video
    Dan Sonenberg - drums; Mark Youngbauer - guitar; Billy D- voice, bass, robots

  13. Vague But True
    A soundscape: Am I asleep yet?
    See River Video
    Billy D - voice, guitar, robots

  14. Lullabye
    Another sincere acoustic song.
    See Park Video
    David Helling - voice, guitar; Billy D - voice

  15. History, Making It
    Is this Americana?
    See Lyric Video
    Dan Sonenberg - drums, guitar; Mark Youngbauer - guitar; Billy D - voice, bass, guitar

  16. Rhyme
    The secret to songwriting, with robot brass.
    See Joe Video
    Billy D - voice, robots