Aug 28, 2018

Strong Enough To Burn (video)

I just made a simple, contemplative music video. It's just a ride up the Hudson, but can be a lyrics video if you turn on the Closed Caption.

This song is on the 2018 album, Down, available at Bandcamp, iTunes, YouTube Music, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

Strong Enough To Burn
Words and music by Billy Dechand © 2018 Bucktooth Music (ASCAP)

Strong enough to burn
Sun in my eye
Rain was cool 
Wind was warma
If I could take you away, beyond
A window, a door ajar, goodbye
Bricks are courser when your path is bare
You come to know the gaps
Grass or mortar
Bones in sand traps
The breeze that turns the leaves  
Bends the stem
Worms the robins had at dawn 
Rain ran straight through sunset
If I could take you away, beyond 
The window’s ajar my dear, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye...