Pop Another Cork CD

Pop Another Cork is Billy's first solo CD. It was born of the ashes of his NYC power trio, Trike, regulars in the '90s downtown indie rock scene.

The core rhythm section is Billy on bass, with fellow Trikester Dan Sonenberg playing drums. Guest musicians abound, including guitarists Matt Schickele, Matt Sutton, Steve Hammer, Enrique Lopez, and Trike veteran Jay Rice. Violinist Arik Braude appears on the melancholy "New York Skies". Other guests include vocalists Viviana Davila and Thomas Meglioranza. Matt Kaden closes out the album with a minimalist organ solo on the Floyd-esque "Both Worlds".
  1. The Last Time
  2. The Man in the Suit
  3. New York Skies
  4. So Many Reasons
  5. Calling
  6. Pop Another Cork
  7.  It's for You
  8. Both Worlds

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