Jun 7, 2024

Billy's Books 85: The McCartney Legacy Vol. 1

The McCartney Legacy Vol. 1 just covers the years 1969-1973. This was a rough time for our hero, Paul. The thing he feared most, a Beatles break-up, happened almost because of his attempt to prevent it. Suddenly a solo artist, he has a crisis of confidence. It takes him quite a while to build it back.

This excerpt sums up a lot:

"The day after I finished with the Eagles, I went straight in with Paul McCartney and Wings," said [producer Glyn] Johns. "[I remember] him walking in to the control room on the first day and saying, 'I want you to treat me like the bass player in the band, not Paul McCartney of the Beatles.'" (Johns soon observed that McCartney's democratic impluse was wafer thin; when he started treating him like a lowly bass player, Paul quickly exerted his authority.)

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