Oct 26, 2023

Billy's Books 79: Return of the Jedi (POV)

Yay Star Wars! From a Certain Point of View: Return of the Jedi is the third in the POV book series harking back to the original trilogy. It's a collection of short stories surrounding the characters and circumstances associated with the movie. Lots of pathos and action, and a bit of humor, set on Tattooine, Endor, the second Death Star, and even Dagobah.

"From a certain point of view" itself comes from Obi-Wan's (in)famous quote in the movie. It's his answer to Luke's asking why he didn't say Vader was his father. It's in the movie; it's in the book.

Here's a scene I didn't mention in the video. It's just before the Battle of Endor. Admiral Piett has been promoted by Darth Vader, to replace force-choked Admiral Ozzel. Piett thinks back to his childhood on a depleted mining planet: 

When he was sixteen, he told his mother he was enrolling in the Imperial Navy. She hadn't responded. She continued sweeping the floor, making no progress. "If your father were here," she muttered. She didn't finish the thought. Piett had burned with shame for a reason he didn't quite understand. 

"She continued sweeping the floor, making no progress." 

Also, Admiral Piett brings his warship into orbit early, and notes in his log that it goes unappreciated. 

As always, thanks to Saint Louis Public Library for the book. Support your local library!