May 30, 2023

Billy's Books 75: Change of Seasons

Today I review a music and history book, Change of Seasons. This is John Oates' autobiography. In case you somehow missed the memo, he's half of the most successful duo in pop music history, Daryl Hall & John Oates. (Apparently they prefer their full names over the more pedestrian "Hall & Oates".)

Here's an early video from 1974, recorded at a Philly TV station. The crew and staff hated it so much, they refused to broadcast it, and even tried to get the song banned on local radio. I think it's funny, though.

Detail: they throw monopoly money on the line "I'd pay the devil to replace her."

As always, thanks to Saint Louis Public Library for the book. Support your local library!

OK, one more quote for all you easy-going Deadheads:
Meeting Weir on that trip led to an invitation for Daryl and me to join the Grateful Dead at Madison Square Garden for a concert to "Save the Rainforest." That afternoon at sound check before the show, I arrived to find myself set up right next to the legendary guitarist Jerry Garcia. During a quiet moment between songs, I casually attempted to make small talk with him. I asked, "Hey Jerry, what songs do you think you guys will play tonight?" He looked at me blankly through those wire-rim glasses and hissed, "This is the Grateful Dead, not the fucking army."