Aug 5, 2021

All Things Must Pass

So, they finally did it: they remixed All Things Must Pass. It took 50 years, but I'm still glad it happened. That album is notorious for having been extra muddy/reverby, thanks to Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound". Yes, the new mix sounds good. Quite contemporary, in places, probably because it was supervised by his son, Dhani Harrison, a solid GenX-er with taste.

He actually re-wrote that song, with a much happier vibe about ten years later. Same message. Rain comes, rain goes; so does suffering. In 1979, he released the very happy "Blow Away":

One could argue that I wrote another song with that same message again, with a song called "Every Day Is Today". Rain comes, rain goes; we forget pain when happy and we forget happiness when in pain.