Aug 29, 2020

Billy's Books 38: Remain In Love

Chris Frantz is most famous for being the drummer for Talking Heads. He does the classic autobiography thing, where he briefly talks about his parents' backgrounds, then his childhood, then to the juicy stuff. He's a very nice guy, even when criticizing others. 

These are his main points:  
  • He loves Tina Weymouth. 
  • Talking Heads are awesome. Touring is fun. 
  • David Byrne is difficult and weird. 
  • He lives a charmed life.

I stop talking before they even go on tour, their first being Europe with the Ramones. The stories are highly amusing. They later tour with one of my other favorite bands, XTC, then Dire Straits, and so on, as they get more and more famous.

In their early years, the kids were dancing "The Pogo", as demonstrated here, by fellow CBGB's-dweller, Debbie Harry: