Apr 28, 2020

Down CD Release Show (Complete)

Here's the entire 2018 CD Release Show for the album Down, at the Pat Connely Tavern (St. Louis) on June 1, 2018.

Why did it take so long to get around to editing this show? Well, I had used my latest gear to do a multi-track recording from the stage. There were technical difficulties with extracting those tracks, which I just recently did. And they're corrupt beyond repair. So, I've accepted that the audio will just be from the crappy camera mics. Enjoy!

Billy D Solo Set:
- Pop Another Cork
- Post
- Footprints
- Sometimes Why
- Evil I

Billy D & David Taylor:
- It Never Rains On My Birthday

The Billy Dechand Pick-up Band, featuring Micah Johnson (bass) and Jim Warchol (drums):
- Falling So High
- Sinking
- Secondary
- That’s Your Mama
- Squint
- The Longest Darkest Night
- Applesauce (Always Hungry)
- Keeping It Real
- (Live My Life) Alive
- I Am TV
- When The Satellites Drop
- Kick Ass
- (You Can Take Me) Down
- Kind

All songs by Billy Dechand except "Footprints" by Frantz Bostick, Joe Koepke, and Billy D, and  "I Am TV" by Allan Heifetz.

The Down album is available at:
Since so much of the world is on lockdown now, musicians with no gigs are also hoping to get paid for their work somehow. Buying the album is the best way to show support. Also, I have set up a Tip Jar, should you feel inclined.