Mar 27, 2020

Hold On (Solo Piano)

Musicians all over the world are posting live perfromances in their living rooms. I've joined the intimate concert party. However, these are still videos, which still kill the video star. As I always say, music sounds better with your eyes closed. This is a prime example of that. (Read: "Don't look at my butt!")

This is "Hold On", a song from the album of the same name. A version of the orginal recording is on YouTube also.

The Hold On album was recorded mostly in North Carolina in 2003, and a little bit in NYC.  My friend Eric told me it was his favorite track on the album. Could be cuzza the stripped-down arrangement, or the bare emotions. I don't remember, but it may be how I named the album.

Hold On
Words and music by Billy Dechand
© 2003 Bucktooth Music (ASCAP)

Hold on
Find another day to cry

Hold on
We need this time

No, don’t deny your feelings
More so, hold them close

Hold my hand
I need you here to keep me bold and strong
So I can keep what I hold dear

Chords: C GM7 (3x), Am D C D Am D G

The studio album is available at:
Since so much of the world is on lockdown now, musicians with no gigs are also hoping to get paid for their work somehow. Buying the album is the best way to show support. Also, I have set up a Tip Jar, should you feel inclined.

If you still want more, here's a live version from the 2003 CD Release Party: