Dec 21, 2019

The Longest Darkest Night

On this Winter Solstice, I'm posting this simple video of "The Longest Darkest Night". To make it a lyric video, turn on Closed Caption (CC).

The Longest Darkest Night
Words and music by Billy Dechand
© 2018 Bucktooth Music (ASCAP)

Twas the longest darkest night
Coldest oldest hopes seemed lost
Wind blew through our bones
Blackness of the sky was crystal clear

Until a light beyond the din
Became the light and all within

Morning, I walk to you
Evening, life anew

Twas the brightest sight of grace
Might and kindness light the likes unseen
Heat of a breeze in shade
Highest peaks to hearth warmed feet

Yes, the light above the din
Behold the light and all within

Morning, I never knew
Evening, now I do

Yes, the light and all the din
Become the light beyond within

Morning, evening

Billy Dechand - voice, guitar, keyboards
Micah Johnson - bass
Kenneth Moore - drums
Allison Taylor - voice
David Taylor - voice

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