Oct 19, 2019

Trump is #2

People are often confused about Donald Trump. They think that he follows one rule, that is to serve #1, himself. Donald is actually #2. He follows two rules:
1. The "Is it shitty?" Rule
2. Me
His first priority is the "Is it shitty?" Rule. This all you need to know:
Flunky: Sir, should we do this?
Trump: Is it shitty?
Flunky: Yes sir.
Trump: Then do it!
We've seen that this is his true rule, often overriding self-interest. Many of his acts and words do not benefit him at all. Sometimes they undermine his own well-being.
But no matter! There are plenty of times when he does benefit, so rest assured. The "Is It Shitty" Rule holds true. Shitty is Job One. Donald is #2.