Jun 28, 2019

Billy's Books 21: Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron

Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron by Alexander Freed

Yes, another science fiction novel. This one occurs shortly after Return Of the Jedi (destruction of the second Death Star, the Emperor’s death, etc.).

Did I mention Operation Cinder? After the Emperor died, the remains of the losing Empire began a scorched earth campaign, basically genocide for as many Rebel planets as they could hit. Our formerly Imperial protagonist, Quell, struggles to face up to that reality. It's a tough sell, mentally, for she still thinks of the destruction of the Death Star(s) as acts if terrorism. Great mental gymnastics.
Here's an amusing  quote I found from elsewhere in the book:
"Never really got on with my parents, but my grandfather understood life, I figure. Always talked about serving alongside the clone troopers, how it taught you what matters is heart. Doesn't matter if you all look alike -- inside we're all different."