May 10, 2019

Billy's Books 19: The Hate U Give, Master & Apprentice

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
Star Wars: Master & Apprentice by Claudia Gray

These two books just barely relate to each other, but I found a way, dangit. Both feature teenagers as prime characters, both of whom are tenuously associated with sometimes wearing hoodies and Jedi robes (with hoods). Like I said, it's pretty tenuous.

I forgot to mention in the review that The Hate U Give is not just murder and racism, but also has a sense of humor. It's written for teens, after all. At a certain point, they are discussing names ("normal" vs black). One of the characters' names is Seven, and his friend mocks him, asking, "What is your middle name? Eight?"

Master & Apprentice is staged mostly the planet Pijal and its moon. They have an interesting culture that favors modesty, or at least one that shuns showiness. The princess and other rich people wear bland fabrics that reveal just a bit of fancy peeking through. The idea is that inner beauty must be sought out. In one scene a nobleman's garments are torn, revealing too much gold linen. He curses that they are ruined, such a display would be gauch!