Jul 7, 2017

Demo: That's Your Mama

I discovered a new website for music creation, SoundTrap. I like it!
I used this little ditty as a test. "That's Your Mama" philosophizes about Mother Nature.
The moral: don't mess.

Someday it may appear on a polished recording. I imagine the arrangement and performance will be different by then, with a more gradual layering in the orchestration.

That's Your Mama
© 2017 Billy Dechand
||: G | D | Bm | A | F#m :|| G | D |

There's always someone round to take you down  
Always someone smaller to help the tall fall 
Whether it's rain or stars
The cool unsmooths your plume 
The rest is jest 
Mother nature mocks her flock 
But she owns it 

That crack in your back as you fall from a tree? 
That's your mama 
The feeling in your gut when you're in love, or drink too much? 
That's your mama 
The wind in your hair as you cross the tarmac? 
That's your mama 
When you smell a flower, get a nosebleed, erupt from a mountain fire?
That's your mama 

Don't mess with Mother Nature

The final version of this song is on the Down album:
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