Dec 24, 2016

Not exactly a Christmas song

In an attempt to revive an old tradition for myself, I opted to write and and record a song all at once over Christmas break. This I successfully accomplished. However, my goal was to write a proper Christmas song. I often jest that you can turn any song into a Christmas song if you just add sleigh bells, but gosh folks, we know that ain't true.
I was trying to give it some genuine Christmas spirit, yet keep it secular. I think I wrote a Christian song, but vague enough to be secular.

Below are the lyrics, which I've already changed since recording. That's my prerogative.

'Twas the Longest Darkest Night
© Bucktooth Music (ASCAP)

'Twas the longest darkest night 
Coldest oldest hopes seemed lost 
Wind blew through our bones 
Blackness of the sky was crystal clear 
Until a light beyond the din 
Became the light and all within 

I walk to you 
Life anew 

'Twas the brightest sight of grace 
Might and kindness light the likes unseen 
Heat of a breeze in shade 
Highest peaks to hearth warmed feet 
Yes, the light above the din 
Behold the light and all within. 

I never knew 
Now I do 

Note, June 2016:
I have since revised it. Here is the latest demo. It's still not done!
Note, June 2018:
It's now on the album, Down. Get it on iTunes!