Jun 20, 2016


Here are a few reviews around the web....

Innocent Sin - Billy Dechand
Innocent Sin"Billy Dechand has a mind full of ideas, concepts, lyrics and melodies. Not a single song is wasted – no filler, nothing that disappoints. On top of this, he has the kind of voice that is instantly likable; he’s creative, he seems fun, thoughtful, trustworthy, and generally quite interesting. That’s pretty much everything you want from a musical artist."
-- from Stereo Stickman

Innocent Sin - Billy Dechand
"Overall, this is a very good album that showcases Billy’s musical and emotional range as a songwriter. All sides of life are here, from the poignant to the humorous, from the personal to societal concerns. He has a strong sense of craftsmanship and a gift for consistently memorable melodies and hooks. He has melded his influences into a style very much his own. Highly recommend for fans of left field pop/rock."
-- from The Faulkner Review

Innocent Sin - Billy Dechand
"a wonderfully personable experience with some excellent songwriting"
-- from Tilting Window

"When The Satellites Drop" from Innocent Sin - Billy Dechand
"An infusion of David Bowie and Paul McCartney with a soothing voice that brings the music to life effortlessly."
-- from SongLadder

Hold OnHold On - Billy Dechand
"Singer-songwriter Billy Dechand recorded these sessions in Chapel Hill N.C., and New York City. Given that, he’s difficult to pigeonhole. Dechand’s impish vocals and crunchy, electric guitar licks accelerate various grooves that contain moments of dissonance or sweet melodies. The various musicians coalesce for a sound that sometimes transmits notions of a well-rehearsed garage band, via a diverse track mix. Dechand writes about refuse, love, and other topics via a quirky musical demeanor. He’s an interesting voice amid the sometimes uninteresting East Coast nouveau rock scene."
-- from All About Jazz

Hold On - Billy Dechand
"Every so often, a musician comes along whom you swear that in an alternate reality is already A Big Name and that this reality is impoverished for not knowing him or her. Billy Dechand is such a name, and it's high time that people get with the program."
-- from Ear Candy

Hold On - Billy Dechand
"This is one of those wonderful discs which simply defy classification. On the mellow side, the songs are complex, well written, and well performed. Gentle melodies glide you through this disc, weaving seamlessly from song to song. This is a really great disc.
-- from Impact Press

World Famous In Chapel Hill World Famous In Chapel Hill - The Billy Dechand Band
"The group's approach is miles ahead of a large portion of the rubbish on present-day rock radio."
-- from All About Jazz