Aug 15, 2018

Billy's Books 15: Star Wars: Thrash: Alliances

Billy talks about the latest book by Timothy Zahn.
Time for Thrash to face his future.
Time for Vader to face his past.

Aug 5, 2018

That's Your Mama (video)

I spent some time in the country, and made this causal video. Don't mess with Mother Nature.

This song is on the 2018 album, Down, available at CDBaby, iTunes, Google Music, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

Jun 13, 2018

DOWN Album Available Worldwide

Our new album, Down, is now available anywhere, in CD form (always the best sound quality), download, and streaming.
It's a follow-up to the more bouncy seventh release, Innocent Sin. As always, if features musicians from the Saint Louis community, with a few guests from other places. One unexpected guest is Matt Kaden, formerly of Boston's Soothing Sounds for Baby. He plays drums and sings a bit.
I'm excited to announce that the visual artist for the actual CD cover is Tom Moore. The CDs are printed in Digipack format, rather than the usual jewel case.
So order your copy now!


Choose your medium:
Track Listing:
  • (You Can Take Me) Down
    David Taylor - voice; Jim Warchol - drums; Nathan Williamson - piano; Billy D - voice, guitar, bass, sound effects
  • Sinking
    Micah Johnson - bass; Kenneth Moore - drums; Allison Taylor - voice; David Taylor -  voice; Mark Youngbauer - guitar;  Billy D - voice, guitar, keyboards
  • Applesauce (Always Hungry)
    Frantz Bostick - voice; Micah Johnson - bass; Matt Kaden - voice; Kate Lovelady - voice; Allison Taylor - voice; David Taylor - voice; Jim Warchol - drums; Billy D - voice, guitar, melodica
  • Falling So High
    Scott McGreer - guitar; David Taylor -  voice; Jim Warchol - drums; Billy D - voice, guitar, bass, keyboards
  • The Longest Darkest Night
    Micah Johnson - bass; Kenneth Moore - drums; Allison Taylor - voice; David Taylor - voice; Billy D - voice, guitar, keyboards
  • Squint
    Matt Kaden - drums; Billy D - voice, guitar, bass, keyboards
  • That's Your Mama (see video)
    Kate Lovelady - voice; Billy D - voice, guitar, robot orchesttra
  • Strong Enough To Burn
    Billy D - voice, guitar, bass, 
  • Secondary
    Micah Johnson - bass; Kenneth Moore - drums; David Taylor - voice; Mark Youngbauer - guitar; Billy D - voice, guitar, keyboards
  • Shut Me Out
    Susan Kopp - piano; Billy D - voice, guitar, bass
  • (Live My Life) Alive
    Micah Johnson - bass; David Taylor - voice; Jim Warchol - drums; Mark Youngbauer - guitar; Billy D - voice, guitar, ukulele, keyboards
  • Top To Bottom
    Matt Kaden - drums; Billy D - voice, bass, piano

May 20, 2018

Down Short

The Down CD Release approaches! Here is another promo video to entice you.

We still need to reach the All-or-Nothing Kickstarter goal, so if you can, please pre-order your copy before the deadline. All who pre-order the CD get free admission to the CD Release Party on June 1.

Apr 29, 2018

Get Down with Billy D: CD Release Show

To celebrate the release of my eight CD, Down, we'll be holding a one-time-only concert on Friday, June 1, at the The Pat Connolly Tavern in Saint Louis. The band will be myself on guitar, with help from Micah Johnson on bass, and Jim Warchol on drums. This will be the official debut of these songs. These guys laid the foundation for the biggest, phattest tracks on the album.

All attendies will receive a copy of the CD with admission. Those who ordered an advance copy of the CD from the Kickstarter campaign will enter for free.

Please go to the Facebook Event and click GOING. See you there.

Apr 20, 2018

Applesauce (solo acoustic)

On this version of the song, “Applesauce (Always Hungry)”, I play solo. On the Down CD, it's a multi-vocal extravaganza. Joining me on lead and/or backing vocals are Frantz Bostick (aka Franz Bee), Matt Kaden, David Taylor, Allie Taylor, and Kate Lovelady. The rhythm section is myself along with Jim Warchol and Micah Johnson.

Please choose to support this project to secure your advance copy! Thanks.