Apr 10, 2019

Billy's Books 18: In the Garden of Beasts

I've got another history book to review: In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin by Erik Larson. Just another book about Nazis, once again a little too timely.

Toward the end, I mention Operation Hummingbird a.k.a. the Röhm Putsch, The Blood Purge, and Nacht der langen Messer (Night of the Long Knives).

This is a follow-up to my previous blog entry, Nazis Are Bad, which includes a sing-along.

Mar 28, 2019

Nazis Are Bad

Here's a little ditty for the Republicans. Anyone can enjoy it, really. Sadly, it bears repeating.

Nazis Are Bad by Billy Dechand, 2019

We seem to be at the time when Nazis seem alright. 
They're not.
Nazis are bad.
Nazis are bad.
Nazis are bad.
Nazis are bad.
Nazis are bad.

Feb 14, 2019

Billy's Books 17: Fire & Blood

Billy's Books 17 explores George R. R. Martin's latest Westerosi history, Fire & Blood.

Fire & Blood is a history of the Targaryen dynasty by a maester three centuries after the events have transpired. He mostly draws from three sources, often noting discrepancies. The author describes the many sides of a story and usually picks the most plausible, but often leaves it up to the reader to decide. There are a lot of dragons.

Jan 28, 2019

Dec 18, 2018

Down Long

I've got a lot to say about "Down". I don't usually explain my lyrics but I think I might in this case, at least generally. It's mainly about vulnerability. There's risk in offering vulnerability; there are joys and pitfalls. You can say "Don't bring me down", meaning don't make me sad. You can be a drag, as in bummer, or just drag me under water. You can also go down on or with somebody -- that can be good or bad too. They all come down to declaring one's vulnerability, whether it be a come-on or submission. Come-on or submission is context relative.

This is my standard disclaimer in long form. This video in particular is a bit of that, too. I'm a little embarrassed to appear half naked, gallivanting about with my imperfections. But more so, I'm terrified of water and doing that awkwardly in public adds more vulnerability. So this video is about all that too.

So if you feel compelled to mock this video for whatever reason, it's not just a silly music video -- it's really deep stuff, man. Respect my authority art!

Oh yeah... and it's also about the joys of Summer: fun in the pool!

Splish splash!

Dec 11, 2018

Billy's Books Intermission, Fall 2018

Billy D cites progress on what he's reading, as you wait with bated breath for his next book review.

It's official: there will be no Leonardo review. While it was well-written, I just couldn't get into it, sorry.
I finished Grant today. On to George R. R. Martin's latest!
(The drums are meant to imply excitement.)